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Gallery Name: Our House.

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Here is our house! We closed on 2/26/2006, and we're excited to be moving in. Please take a tour with us.




 Our house

 Our house


 Our house

 Tile roof


 Number 650

 Nice wood door with viewing glass


 View from the entrance

 Living room


 Living room

 Dining room


 Dining room, plant shelf, and main hall



 Main hall (towards front door)

 Kitchen, family room





 Kitchen, into dining room

 Kitchen sink


 Family room

 Family room (fireplace)


 Family room, kitchen (from back door)



 Back hall (from family room, to 2nd/3rd bedroom)

 Linen closet (in back hall)


 Hall closet (in back hall)

 Back hall (thermostat, 2nd/3rd bedrooms in view)


 Laundry (from back hall, garage entry in view)

 2nd Bedroom


 2nd Bedroom

 2nd Bedroom


 2nd Bedroom (view out)

 3rd Bedroom


 3rd Bedroom

 3rd Bedroom (walk-in closet)


 3rd Bedroom (towards back hall)

 Back hall (from 3rd bedroom)


 Guest bath (from back hall)

 Guest bath


 Guest bath

 Master bedroom (from family room)


 Master bedroom

 Master bedroom


 Master bedroom (2nd backdoor in view)

 Master bathroom (from master bedroom)


 Master bathroom

 Master closet (from master bathroom)


 Master bathroom (water closet, tub, and shower in next room)

 Master bathroom (water closet, tub, and shower in next room)


 Master bathroom (tub in view)

 Master bathroom (water closet and shower in view)


 Back door (opens in center, from family room)

 View out back door


 Back yard (lemon tree)

 Back yard (porch)


 Side yard (facing front of house, this is right side)

 Side yard (facing towards back yard)


 Back yard

 Back yard (porch in focus)


 Back yard (2nd back door in focus)

 Back yard, back door


 Side yard (facing front of house, this is left side)

 Side yard (AC unit in focus)


 Side yard (water softener in focus)

 Side yard (1st lizard friend in focus)


 Side yard (towards back yard)

 Back yard


 Back yard (yes, grass grows in PHX)

 Front door view glass from inside


 Dining room (chandelier in focus)

 Two-car garage, lot of room left


 Some leftover materials (Benjamin Moore is in focus)